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At Cleaning Business Coaching, we help clients build a better organization, expand their business by having multiple streams of income, and acquire financial freedom within the cleaning industry.




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Learning to Thrive

When the world basically shut down due to COVID-19, we saw a lot of cleaning businesses close their doors or take drastic measures to survive, such as laying off large portions of their workforce. Most of the cleaning companies automatically went into ‘Survive’ mode, where they were paralyzed by the fear of uncertain business conditions.

Cleaning Business Coaching is run by professionals with decades of experience in the cleaning industry. As such, with the pandemic in full swing, we saw the fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the industry as an opportunity and immediately went into ‘Thrive’ mode. As a result, our businesses actually grew during the pandemic. With that in mind, Cleaning Business Coaching helps other cleaning businesses use the ‘Thrive’ mindset to ensure constant and uninterrupted growth in their businesses.

Welcome to Commercial Business Coaching, we are here to help you win every game. We will teach you from preparation to execution on how to be your best.

Why should you work with us? Do you want to Survive or Thrive?

Our diverse experience in running multiple businesses makes us an expert on how to build and grow multiple streams of income. Using our proven systems and processes, we help your business reach heights it has never hit before.

Our team has a plethora of experience in everything that your business could need to be successful. From marketing, culture building, and understanding profitability of your business to setting up goals on systems and processes, how to do a walk-through, writing winning proposals, using the correct products and equipment to enhance professionalism.


Onsite Coaching

5 Days at Your Office Location

Off-Site Coaching

5 Days at OUR Office in Chicago, IL or Kennesaw, GA

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6 Week Online Class - Coaching via Zoom