How many people can we serve?

It started back in 2018 when a group of people came from India and made us aware of a dire need of medical care in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Many of the health care statistics were alarming which included high death rates. Instead of wondering why and adopting the “Love All, Serve ALL” a group of us in the Atlanta area adopted the project as ours. RJ Patel, spent three and a half months between February and June in 2019 building out the space that was donated by the Clarksdale Chamber of Commerce and a company called People’s Shore.

During this time a total renovation of approximately 2,000 square feet took place and turned an old dingy smelly building into a state of the art medical clinic for the local women and children. The clinic was inaugurated with many local and state dignitaries in June of 2019. The funds were provided by two non-profit organizations Divine Will Foundation-DWF (Mr. David Cornsweet) and With Pure Love-WPL (RJ Patel). It was a slow start since the community could not fathom the idea of others providing “Free Medical care for them”. Then COVID hit and we closed the clinic for a few months providing tele-medicine to those in need. In 2021 the clinic began showing signs of trust in the community. The local community knew we are here to stay and in February 2022 the clinic is well established for not just providing health care but much needed love it was missing.

RJ & Gosia have been cleaning and disinfecting the clinic every three months and offering training in areas to how to clean and disinfect with the correct tools and equipment. There are three doctors that rotate on a weekly basis providing much love and care. Many strategic alliances have been established by the medical director Dr. Chita Mani. The month to month expenses are supported through donations from both non-profit organizations DWF & WPL. Cleaning Business Coaching will be donating 10% of all proceeds to WPL. Thank you for your part in this journey.

Clarksdale Free Medical