Ideal for people that want to start a business from scratch and cannot take part in physical coaching sessions.


Remote Class One Cleaning Business Coaching

Getting Started

Learn how to get started. How to create an entity, get insurance, set bank accounts correctly and curate a website.

Remote Class Two Cleaning Business Coaching

Developing Paperless Training Program

How to implement an online training program.

Remote Class Three Cleaning Business Coaching


Learn the key components to hiring the best employees that fit your company culture by asking the right questions.

Remote Class Four Cleaning Business Coaching


Learn how to properly train employees to reduce complaints and turnover.

Remote Class Five Cleaning Business Coaching


Learn how to develop an amazing culture where people want to come to work.

Remote Class Six Cleaning Business Coaching


A class that helps you pick the right software to run the backend of your business.

Remote Class Seven Cleaning Business Coaching

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to create posts that are engaging and catchy to increase lead generation and conversions.

Remote Class Eight Cleaning Business Coaching

Targeting Your Ideal Clients / Dominate Your Market

Learn how to develop a vision for your ideal client, pursue that target demographic, and accept that not every client is right for you.

Business Operations Forms Cleaning Business Coaching

Business Operations Forms

House cleaning pricing chart
Cleaning Checklists
Cleaning supplies list
Hiring ads
Employee hiring forms
Customer email templates
Employee Safety Manual (English & Spanish)
Employee Company Manual (English & Spanish)
Employee Cleaning Procedures Manual (English & Spanish)
My sales script
Sales phone call recordings
Class Build Relationships
Find Realtors & property managers in your area + automatic outreach