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Cleaning lady dusting table Why Commercial Cleaning Clients Switch Cleaning Service

Why Commercial Cleaning Clients Switch Cleaning Service

Businesses replace commercial cleaning services when their contracts expire or when they are dissatisfied with the service. As a cleaning service owner, the latter is not a pleasant experience. You want to know what went wrong and make any necessary improvements to your business. 

As long as you haven’t received a termination, you can still retain the client. However, once you get a termination letter, it’s likely that they’ve already made up their mind and chosen your replacement.

Here are a few reasons why your commercial cleaning client can replace you with another cleaning service.

1. Clients Want Professionalism

This is one of the most common reasons why clients change cleaning companies. Your staff must be well-prepared, well-motivated, and on time when they arrive at the client’s location. Even if the client’s employees are not present, you must exhibit professionalism and make sure your staff is working with integrity.

2. Not Meeting Their Requirements

You may also be losing clients because you are not fulfilling their requirements. Never ignore any of them, deal with problems professionally, and take good care of your client’s office space. To them, this is a sacred space where they earn money and express themselves; a cleaning service should regard them as such.

3. Lack of Communication 

It’s not surprising that commercial cleaning businesses’ clients readily abandon cleaning companies that don’t communicate often. Communication is necessary for conducting business, regardless of the type of business. You must make take time out and make a concerted effort to communicate with your clients. 

Most clients want to hear from you frequently, even if they don’t always tell you often. Communication with clients is sometimes more essential than your service quality. Make sure they can reach you easily and respond quickly to their complaints.

4. Poor Quality Control

If your client is unhappy with your performance, review your quality control procedures. You must make sure that all staff is aware of the cleaning requirements and that supervisors are following up per your standards. 

When supervisors undertake quality control checks, they usually make a short walk-through of the place rather than employing the critical eye that we as owners do. Just when you think everything was fine, all of a sudden, all of the places start to exhibit signs of neglect. Clients will have little patience for a cleaning firm that provides poor service, so keep quality control in check.

5. Prices Are Unclear And/or Unfair

Some cleaning businesses make it difficult to understand how much their services will cost in total. You don’t want to surprise your clients with an outrageous invoice. Furthermore, Clients will see confusion throughout the bidding process as a red signal.

You should be upfront with your clients, or else they will be suspicious. Trust is the most quintessential aspect of a healthy business relationship. Be transparent with them regarding your pricing.

The prices must be reasonable. It should not frequently surpass the market’s regulated pricing, as this will drive customers to the competitors. It shouldn’t be any lower, either, to maintain a quality service.

6. Low-Quality Equipment and Products

The kind of cleaning supplies your company employs can make a difference. The cleaning business as a whole has gone a long way in recent years. Equipment is more efficient, products are more effective against germs, and there are more ecologically responsible ways to get the same high-quality outcomes. 

If you are refusing to spend money on new supplies, it can hurt the quality of their job. Many cleaning businesses continue to use old equipment to cut costs. It turn-offs clients as they believe they are being overcharged.

The best way a business can increase profits is to reinvest. Focus on high-quality products and equipment. Even better if the cleaning products you use are healthy and nature-friendly. If you use odorous, outdated detergents that leave residues and do not clean thoroughly-clients will steer away. They’ll also want the aromas and odors to be gone for good, so choose some truly elegant goods.

7. Workforce Issues

A decent, reputable cleaning business should be able to easily supervise and regulate its workforce. If your cleaning company is taking shortcuts, the cleaning job will probably be subpar, and it will show the clients that you are not ready to entertain them for the day. This will turn off clients, which is not ideal for your company.

To prevent your problems from becoming the client’s problem, focus on a low turnover rate, providing proper training, and consistently producing high-quality solutions. 

It’s also important for your company to conduct background checks and screening of employees for drug use and criminal records. The client will be able to trust you when you arrive at their space after the close of the day.

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Switching from residential to commercial cleaning is a great idea for expanding your cleaning business. The clientbase is larger, there is more consistent work, and the profit margins are also often higher. We are here to assist you in switching from residential to cleaning business or diversifying your current operations to include both.