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How Can Cleaning Businesses Use Google Ads Properly?

How Can Cleaning Businesses Use Google Ads Properly?

Are you ready to take your cleaning business to the next level? Advertising on Google Ads can be a great way to bring targeted traffic to your website.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online ad platform that allows you to bid for your cleaning company’s ads to appear when people search for specific keywords.

Google Ads can be an invaluable tool for your cleaning business because it gives

·   Instant outcome

·   Trackable data (Provides you with your return on investment (ROI) and spending figures.)

·   Google’s preference (Google gives higher priority to ad spaces)

Unlike social media advertising, where leads aren’t actively looking for a solution, Google Ads are non-intrusive since leads are actively using keywords to seek solutions you provide.

While Google Ads might provide immediate results, they are often more expensive than social media ads. They are also harder to navigate due to the additional step.

In this post, you’ll discover how to advertise your cleaning services on Google Ad, even if you’ve never run a Google ad before.

1. Set Up a Google Account

You must create an account if you don’t have one! It is a straightforward procedure that begins with a visit to

2. Choose Who You Will Target

Unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar company, where clients come to you, in the cleaning industry, you visit the client.

Hence, you must focus on route optimization by increasing route density to keep your cleaning jobs as near together as possible.

The more people in your neighborhood, the faster you’ll be able to gather enough data to spot trends and determine the efficiency of your Google Ad.

Keep in mind that, due to increasing competition, Google Ads tend to be more expensive in densely populated locations.

If possible, choose a nearby neighborhood with little competition and a large population.

3. Come Up with a Sound Google Ad Spend Budget

Unlike Facebook Ads, Google Ads can take a large portion of your marketing budget. This is because Facebook Ads target specific groups who aren’t necessarily looking for a cleaning service.

In contrast, Google Ads targets particular customers who are actively looking for a cleaning service in your preferred area. As a result, these higher-quality leads will cost you extra.

Find your budget sweet spot, where you’re not overspending and, at the same time, getting the best potential Return on Investment (ROI).

4. Set up a Follow-Up System

As your Google Ads generate more leads, you should set up a follow-up mechanism for them to contact you.

You’ll need a follow-up mechanism based on your cleaning website’s primary Call-to-Action (CTA) to make sure you retain valuable leads.

For example, if your major CTA on your website is to call for a free estimate, you’ll need a dedicated executive assistant to answer the phone as soon as it rings and provide an estimate over the phone.

5. Define Your Cleaning Services and Area

Make a list of the primary cleaning services you offer, and then decide which ones to target with Google Ads.

Next, make a subcategory list for each of the cleaning services you specified

Here’s an example:

·   Cleaning Residential Houses

·   Kitchen

·   Dusting

·   Mopping

·   Vacuuming

·   Bathrooms

Then, make a list of all the cleaning services you don’t provide so that you can define them as negative keywords later.

For example, if you don’t offer commercial cleaning, you don’t want your Google Ads to appear in those searches.

6. Choose Your Keywords

You can use the Google search engine to do your keyword research.

Start by looking for a service you offer in Google’s search box. Google will autosuggest the most common words used. (This method can also be used to find negative terms as well)

Now, you should utilize the free Google Keyword Planner Tool on your Google ads account. Search for terms native to your area to learn about search traffic, competitiveness, ad spend, and more. Google even suggests other keywords for you!

Keep in mind that you won’t have a lot of keyword volume for advertisements on a local level.

Instead, you should focus your attention on categories, where you can group keywords to create adverts.

Next, evaluate if any keywords work better than others so you may improve them.

You must pay close attention to your keywords and ensure that they represent the desired goal of targeting someone looking to hire a cleaning.

Here are a few examples:

·   Office cleaning services

·   Residential cleaning service

·   Cleaning services near me

7. Use Conversion Tracking to Measure Google Ad Performance

Measuring your Google Ads performance with conversion tracking allows you to manage it better!

Without conversion tracking, you’re wasting your money on Google Ads, and it will render meaningless!

Here are a few conversion types you should be measuring

·   Form submission

·   Phone calls

·   Clicks on the CTA call button

If you are struggling to optimize your marketing campaign using Google Ads, consider hiring Cleaning Business Coaching. We provide cleaning business consulting services to help owners in every aspect of their business, including marketing, proposals, management, estimates, recruiting, etc.

There are many competent cleaning business entrepreneurs in the US, but only a tiny margin has profitable companies. It’s not always due to a lack of cleaning skills; instead, it’s due to a lack of business skills and the capacity to train their employees successfully.

Hire our cleaning business consulting services, and we’ll help you move the needle on your business.