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How to Build a Perfect Cleaning Business Landing Page

How to Build a Perfect Cleaning Business Landing Page

Today’s digital marketplace is extremely competitive. Therefore, any company that wants to grow sales should aim for high-converting landing pages.

Most users will only spend 10 to 15 seconds on your main page. So you have a lot of pressure on that first page of your website not only to describe your cleaning services but also convince your visitors why they should choose you over your competitors.

This post will give some tips about how to build a landing page that is as effective as possible in increasing conversion.

1. State Clearly What You Do

Have a bold introductory paragraph that explains what your cleaning company performs, such as:

·   “We provide office cleaning services to businesses in the ABC Area.”

·   “Our company offers household cleaning services in the ABC area.”

Don’t leave it up to your viewers to guess what to do. It’s just too simple for them to return to Google or Yahoo and conduct a search for local cleaning companies.

2. Explain What Sets You Apart from Competitors

You must tell your visitors what makes you unique from other cleaning companies in your area. What are you offering that other cleaning companies in your area don’t? You must explain to your site visitors what benefit they will receive from you that they will not receive elsewhere.

Here are some things you can mention that give you a tiny edge:

·   A cleaning staff with years of experience

·   You have the most advanced cleaning products

·   Green cleaning program (stating that you use  green cleaning chemicals might not be enough)

Write down a few statements that summarize what your cleaning company has to offer; this will serve as a compelling message on your website.

Make sure you emphasize the benefits the customers will get, rather than just listing your features or services.

3. Don’t Forget SEO

While writing materials for your landing page, make sure to incorporate terms and phrases that your target buyers type into Google when looking for solutions to problems that your product or service can solve.

Do keyword research and concentrate on those that are most relevant to your offer and marketing objectives? At the same time, the keywords you use in your landing page copy must correspond to your prospects’ search intent.

SEO-friendly language and design on your landing page will attract potential buyers and help your website rank better in search engines. By providing users with content that fits their search intent, you can affect your landing page’s bounce rate and dwell time.

4. Incorporate Trust Signals

Since people are inviting you to clean their property, they want to feel safe. Therefore, you need to show them that your brand is reliable.

Guarantees, testimonials, social proofs, badges, customer evaluations, figures, and so on are all examples of trust signals. They all impact the conversion rate of your landing page, displaying to visitors that you’re trustworthy and motivating them to take action.

5. Catchy Design

People are more inclined to take the offer from the page that is more visually appealing. A boring website is unlikely to impress visitors.

Use your company’s colors for visual consistency, but don’t be afraid to use big headings, colored buttons, and punchy headers. Changing the size and font of your content might help hold the audience’s attention when appropriate.

6. Don’t Forget to Add a Call to Action(CTA)

The content on your landing page is there to catch people’s attention and reassure them that they need your cleaning service. A call to action (CTA) is what turns them into clients. As a result, you must pay close attention to the design and language.

Make sure your CTA sticks out among the other elements on the page. (Visitors should be aware that this is where and what they should do next.) Make this button larger, a different color, and include words or sentiments that encourage people to click it:

Try using active verbs that describe what will happen after you click (“Claim offer,” “Learn more,” “Download,” etc.).

7. Include Options For Contacting You

According to Google’s Quality Evaluator Guidelines, every online business must provide confirmation that it is legitimate. Do your best to incorporate various contact ways on your landing page to do this: It can be a contact form, phone numbers, physical address, social media buttons, and email addresses.

You can also add a live chat option on your landing page, which is a great way to promote loyalty and trust, as well as attract and keep users. It encourages visitors to speak with a live person, ask all of their questions, and be certain of their decision.

If you don’t have resources for a live chat on your landing page, you can go for chatbots. Just make sure you pick a good one.

Remember that many users will never look past the first page of your website. Most of them will determine whether they require your services by looking at the information you have provided on your website. Therefore, an outstanding landing page will let visitors know why you are the best in the area right away!

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